This is an outstanding program full of fun and adventure. Children and teens experience unforgettable memories through practice, friendships and performances. Coaches, parents, friends and family have the opportunity to participate and make this program meaningful. 

Purpose:  To build self-confidence, self-esteem, teamwork and receive recognition

Who:  Children & young teen’s ages 2 1/2 to 16 (ages 17-18 solos only) 

When:  This program is ongoing and held from 12-18 weeks during the Fall, Spring, and Summer

Cheer:  Focus on techniques, stunts, cheers and jumps (with practice and comfort level)

Dance:  Concentration in Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Musical Theatrical, Lyrical and Hip Hop

Tumble/Acro/Gymnastics:  Floor technique, back hand springs, back tucks, cartwheels, all floor tumbles, and flexibility

Performances:  Performances range from competitions, local community festivals, professional, college and high school half-time shows, holiday and community parades, church activities, school events, and much more!

Recital:  There is a banquet at the end of the Winter sessions and a grand recital held in the Summer (June).  The recital is a showcase of what was learned throughout the session and/or year.  Award presentations, certificates, gifts and/or trophies are received.  All family and friends are invited to attend (fee applies).

** The following are additional details you will need the first day of enrollment for the 2020 -2021 season ** 

Each participant (new or former student) will need to fill out the registration form.

We must update information each and every year.  Please complete the online forms using the link above.

Registration fees are paid every year in September or which date registration takes place.  This fee is waived in January should you return by the January 9, 2017 practice.  After the 9th, the registration fee will re-apply.

The practice attire is different each year.  Participants will receive new bags, water bottles, leotard, and t-shirt.  Please indicate sizes on the new registration form.  Each returning and new student is required to purchase new attire every September or when child enrolls but the practice attire remains in the same classes.

The $65 monthly tuition includes:

 *one forty-five minute tumble class

 *one forty-five minute cheer/dance class

*It is $10 for each additional class (For example if your child takes three classes per month it is $75/ 4 classes it is $85....etc.)

Any special discounts must have appropriate voucher.

Cheer and Dance Uniforms, Costumes & Shoes

​Cheer Uniforms are $105 and include shell top, skirt, briefs, socks, hair bow, and poms.  Child will need to have all white sneakers (any brand). Uniforms arrive 3-4 weeks from purchase.

Warm-ups are $125 and include jacket and pants both with MADE logo and child's name. Warm-ups arrive 3-4 weeks from purchase. 

Dance costume cost - $85 (costume only) and usually arrives 2-3 weeks after payment.  Cost does not include their dance shoes and tan tights. There are now limited sizes for costumes.  Each class has a different costume.

The recreational team will have a minimum of 3-5 community performances in addition to the recital held in June.

   Recreational Team  

  Cheer * Dance * Tumble  

    Exciting - Fun - Affordable - Quality - Healthy!!

M.A.D.E.Today, Inc.

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   Tuition & Fees   

Tuition:  $65 to Unlimited classes ($100)

Registration Fee:  $25

Practice Attire:  $55 (Required)

Cheerleading and Dance Attire:  $105 Cheer; $85 Dance (Due February 1, 2018)

Cheer and Dance Warm-up:  $125

Replacements Items:

Poms:  $20

Hairbow:  $10

Socks:  $8

Parent Tee Shirt

          $32 to 34 (Required for parades and events in which parents volunteer)